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Elected Officials -- Local Government





Charles City County      
Gilbert Smith Vice Chair District 1 gsmith@co.charles-city.va.us
Bill Coda Chairman District 2 bcoada@co.charles-city.va.us
Floyd Miles, Jr. Supervisor District 3 fhmilessr@co.charles-city.va.us
Board Website      
Chesterfield County      
Art Warren Supervisor Clover Hill warrena@chesterfield.gov
Dan Gecker Supervisor Midlothian geckerd@chesterfield.gov
Dorothy Jaeckle Supervisor Bermuda jaeckled@chesterfield.gov
James "Jim" Holland Chairman Dale hollandj@chesterfield.gov
Steve Elswick Vice Chair Matoaca elswicks@chesterfield.gov
Board Website      
Goochland County      
Susan Lascolette Vice Chair District 1 susanl@co.goochland.va.us
Manuel Alvarez Chairman District 2 malvarez@co.goochland.va.us
Ned Creasey  Supervisor District 3 ncreasey@co.goochland.va.us
Robert Minnick Supervisor District 4 rminnick@co.goochland.va.us
Ken Peterson Supervisor District 5 kpeterson@co.goochland.va.us
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Hanover County      
Aubrey Stanley Supervisor Beaverdam amstanley@co.hanover.va.us
Wayne Hazzard Vice Chairman South Anna wthazzard@co.hanover.va.us
G. Ed Via, III Supervisor Ashland gevia@co.hanover.va.us
Angela Kelly-Weicek Supervisor Chickahominy ackelly@co.hanover.va.us
Elton Wade, Sr.  Supervisor Cold Harbor ejwade@co.hanover.va.us
Sean Davis Chairman Henry smdavis@co.hanover.va.us
W. Canova Peterson Supervisor Mechanicsville wcpeterson@co.hanover.va.us
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Henrico County      
David Kaechele Supervisor Three Chopt threechopt@co.henrico.va.us
Patricia"Pat"O'Bannon Chairman Tuckahoe tuckahoe@co.henrico.va.us
Tyrone Nelson Supervisor Varina varina@co.henrico.va.us
Richard "Dick" Glover Supervisor Brookland brookland@co.henrico.va.us
Frank Thorton Vice Chair Fairfield fairfield@co.henrico.va.us
Board Website
New Kent
James Burrell Chairman District 3 jhburrell@co.newkent.state.va.us
W.R."Ray"Davis,Jr. Supervisor District 5 wrdavis@co.newkent.state.va.us
Thomas Evelyn Chairman District 1 twevelyn@co.newkent.state.va.us
C. Thomas Tiller,Jr. Vice Chairman District 2 cttiller@co.newkent.state.va.us
Ron Stiers Supervisor District 4 ronstiers@co.newkent.state.va.us
Board Website
Powhatan County
Barry Hodge Chairman District 3 district3@powhatanva.gov
William "Bill" Melton Supervisor District 4 district4@powhatanva.gov
David Williams Supervisor District 1 district1@powhatanva.gov
Jason Moore Supervisor District 2 district2@powhatanva.gov
Carson Tucker Vice Chair District 5 district5@powhatanva.gov
Board Website
Richmond City
Kathy Graziano Councilwoman District 4 kathy.graziano@richmondgov.com
Ellen Robertson Vice President District 6 ellen.robertson@richmondgov.com
Jon Baliles Councilman District 1 jon.baliles@richmondgov.com
Charles Samuels President District 2  charles.samuels@richmondgov.com
Chris Hilbert Councilman District 3 chris.hilbert@richmondgov.com
Michelle Mosby Councilman District 9 michelle.mosby@richmondgov.com
Cynthia Newbille Councilwoman District 7 cynthia.newbille@richmondgov.com
Reva Trammell Councilwoman District 8 reva.trammell@richmondgov.com
Parker Agelasto Councilman District 5 parker.agelasto@richmondgov.com
Council Website      

House of Delegates

Kirkland "Kirk" Cox Delegate District 66 delkcox@house.state.va.us
Rosalyn Dance Delegate District 63 delrdance@house.state.va.us
Betsy Carr Delegate District 69 delbcarr@house.state.va.us
Buddy Fowler Delegate  District 55 delbfowler@house.virginia.gov
Riley Ingram Delegate District 62 delringram@house.state.va.us
Peter Farrell Delegate  District 56 delpfarrell@house.state.va.us
G. Manoli Loupassi Delegate District 68 delmloupassi@house.state.va.us
James Massie, III Delegate District 72 deljmassie@house.state.va.us
Jennifer McClellan Delegate District 71 deljmcclellan@house.state.va.us
Delores McQuinn Delegate District 70 deldmcquinn@house.state.va.us
Joseph Morrissey Delegate  District 74 deljmorrissey@house.state.va.us
Roxann Robinson Delegate District 27 delrrobinson@house.state.va.us
John O'Bannon, III Delegate District 73 deljobannon@house.state.va.us
Chris Peace Delegate  District 97 delcpeace@house.state.va.us
R. Lee Ware, Jr. Delegate District 65 dellware@house.state.va.us
Tommy Wright Delegate District 61 deltwright@house.state.va.us

Senate of Virginia

Thomas"Tom" Garrett Senator District 22 district22@senate.virgina.gov
Henry Marsh, III Senator District 16 district16@senate.virgina.gov
Stephen"Steve"Martin Senator District 11 district11@senate.virgina.gov
Ryan McDougle Senator District 4 district4@senate.virgina.gov
A. Donald McEachin Senator Dsitrict 9 district09@senate.virgina.gov
Walter Stosch Senator District 12 district12@senate.virgina.gov
John Watkins Senator District 11 district11@senate.virgina.gov

Websites for Delegates

Cox Dance
Carr Fowler
Ingram Farrell
Loupassi Massi
McClellan McQuinn
Morrissey O'Bannon
Peace Robinson

Senate Websites

Garrett Marsh
Martin McDougle
McEachin Stosch

Congressional Delegation

Eric Cantor 7th District U.S. House of Representatives
Randy Forbes 4th District U.S. House of Representatives
Bobby Scott 3rd District U.S. House of Representatives
Jim Webb U.S. Senate
Mark Warner U.S. Senate


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