Richmond REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

What is RPAC?
The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is a political action committee designed to promote the interests of Richmond area REALTORS®.  RPAC helps elect REALTOR® friendly candidates who will support and protect private property rights and expanding home ownership.  The platform of each individual candidate, rather than party label, determines who RPAC supports. 

Why Give to RPAC?
By giving to RPAC you are supporting candidates and policies that benefit you, your clients, and the real estate industry.   RPAC has worked to:

  • Pass legislation clarifying that placing a sign with metal, plastic, or wooden poles in the ground by hand or by foot, without the use of tools or equipment, does not require a call to Miss Utility before installation.  Eliminating the need to contact Miss Utility enables REALTORS® to install signs immediately, rather than waiting three to four business days to have the utility lines marked. 
  • Support the adoption of an Henrico County ordinance that provides a tax break to homeowners who rehabilitate and renovate older properties, thus improving the overall quality of housing stock in the county.
  • Divert an attempt to pursue a cash proffer system in the City of Richmond.  Cash proffers are a one time, per-home fee paid by the builder and then passed on to the home buyer.  Cash proffers can run as high as $18,000 in some jurisdictions in the area and clearly diminish the supply of affordable, workforce housing. 
  • Lower out-of-pocket closing costs for Richmond area homebuyers by defeating additional real estate transfer taxes.
  • Defeat measures that would give local governments the power to drastically limit new home construction.
  • Protect housing affordability in the Richmond area by fending off land use policies that would artificially inflate home prices and threaten the regions affordable housing stock.
  • Protect REALTORS® and homebuyers from the impact of Virginia state chartered banks engaging in the real estate business.

Plan to make your Fair Share contribution this year – a small price to pay to protect your future.  Click here to download a RPAC contribution form.

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