As of October 1, 2019, new CVR MLS transaction forms are available in Instanet. In addition to four new forms, several other existing forms were updated.  Please see our Standard Forms Revision Guide for a complete overview of the forms changes.

These forms are effective on October 1, 2019 and should be used in transactions moving forward. Agents are not required to update or revise existing signed forms.

View the Standard Forms Revision Guide

Forms that are new or have been revised include:

1. Residential Purchase Agreement – Revised
2. Purchase Agreement for Unimproved Property – Revised
3. Addendum for Repairs and Credit to Purchaser – Revised
4. Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement – Standard Agency- Revised
5. First Right of Refusal Addendum – New
6. Seller’s Notice to Purchaser Secondary Contract – New
7. Purchaser’s Notice to Seller Regarding First Right of Refusal – New
8. Brokerage Referral Agreement – New

TransactionDesk Tip:  If you have versions of these forms in a transaction template on TransactionDesk, you will need to edit your transaction template(s) and replace the old form versions with the latest versions. If you need TransactionDesk assistance for editing transactions, contact TD Support at 800-668-8768 or