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Having Trouble Logging into the App?

June 25, 2013

If you are experiencing trouble logging into the app, we hope these troubleshooting tips will help you resolve the issue and you’ll soon be navigating RVA Homes!  (If you’ve yet to hear about the app, please read New Home Search App Launched by the Central Viginia Regional MLS on the blog.)

  • What is my Agent User Name and Password?  Use the same login/password that you use for Tempo/Fusion to access your sub-branded app.
  • My password is invalid.  The app login is cAsE SensitiVe.  Unlike Tempo/Fusion the user must type the password in perfectly (Tempo/Fusion is no longer case sensitive).  If you are experiencing issues with this we suggest trying all lower case, all upper case, lower case the first letter, or upper case the first letter.  Then make sure to write this down for future reference.
  • Do not see the agent login?  When you first download the app, make sure to click ‘Agent Login>’ to access the agent side of the app.  At the top of your login page it should say, “Agents See More, log in to view agent specific data and advanced search filters.”
  •  Great! I’m logged into the app, now what do I do?  Try out the search, play around and discover the features available.  Make sure to Share your app and favorite listings with your clients!


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