After accessing your Member Hub, please follow the autopay steps below to get your account working for you efficiently. 

1. Click “My Info” on the left. You may always come back to this page by selecting “Home” again in your Member Hub.

2. Click the “Billing” tab at the top of the “My Info” page.

3. Add your payment profile (credit card) at the top right under the “Billing” tab.

4. Click the “Membership” tab on this same “My Info” page.

5. “Manage AutoPay” will appear on the right for your applicable RAR dues or CVR MLS fees. You must connect a payment profile to the individual invoice types. It is recommended to select “All membership items” which includes dues, fees, RPAC, and REAP. Connect these invoice types to the payment profile (credit card) of your choice.

Great work! Now you don’t have to worry about manual payment of dues/fees. If you have questions, please email