Effective Tuesday, January 1, 2019

All listing and buyer brokerage agreements MUST include the real estate firm supervising broker’s name and contact information. Revised versions of the CVR MLS Listing and Buyer Brokerage Agreements as well as the Exclusive Authorization to Lease and Represent Tenant forms are now available below and will be available in Instanet Tuesday, January 1.

There is no requirement that any previously executed listing or buyer brokerage agreements be updated. But, any and all such agreements entered into on or after January 1 must contain this new information. We recommend that you begin using the revised agreements as soon as they become available January 1st.

CVR 345 – Residential Listing Agreement – Standard Agency

CVR 340 – Residential Listing Agreement – Limited Service

CVR 350 – Residential Listing Agreement – IC

CVR 305 – Buyers Brokerage Agreement – Short form – Standard Agency

CVR 306 – Buyers Brokerage Agreement – Short form – Non Agency – IC

CVR 310 – Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement – Standard Agency

CVR 320 – Exclusive Right to Lease Agreement

CVR 380 – Exclusive Right to Represent Tenant Agreement

If you have any questions concerning this new requirement or changes to CVR MLS standard forms, contact Peggy Lynch at 804.422.5006 or plynch@RARealtors.com.