Pending Building Code or Zoning Ordinance Violation Disclosure Form 

2017-06-27T16:40:24+00:00 June 27th, 2017|

**NEW*** Pending Building Code or Zoning Ordinance Violation Disclosure Form (click hyperlink for the form)
Owners of residential real property who have actual knowledge of pending enforcement actions concerning Uniform Statewide.
Building Code violations of which the owner has been notified in writing by the locality, or any pending
violation of the local zoning ordinance that has not abated or remedied, must provide written disclosure
of that fact to a prospective purchaser. This disclosure requirement was previously included on the Residential Property Disclosure form. Effective Saturday, July I, 2017 this notice to prospective purchasers is contained in a new form, the Disclosure Statement For Pending Building Code or Zoning Ordinance Violations. This form is only required if the Owner has actual knowledge of such violations and has received written notification. The form will be available Instanet later this week. If you have any questions concerning the new form, please email or call Peggy directly at 804.422.5006.