Supra Lockbox and Keyholder Rules

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To ensure the integrity of the lockbox system, lockbox users should never use another agent’s key to gain entry to a home. A strict adherence to this policy is the only way that we can vouch for the safety and security of this system. Please do not request entry from an agent leaving a showing to save time in opening the lockbox. Agents must return the key to the lockbox before leaving a property. Reference “Article 12: Supra Lockbox and Keyholder Rules” of the CVR MLS Rules and Regulations for more information.

Section 12.2.5 Security of Lockbox Key and Property Key
Holder acknowledges that it is necessary to maintain security of the Key and the property key to prevent their use by unauthorized persons. Holder agrees:
a. To keep the Key in Holder’s possession or in a safe place at all times;
b. Not to allow Holder’s PIN to be attached to the Key;
c. Not to disclose Holder’s PIN to any third party;
d. Not to lend the Key or the property key to any person for any purpose whatsoever or to permit the Key or the property key to be used for any purpose by any other person;
e. Not to duplicate the Key or the property key or allow any other person to do so;
f. Not to assign, transfer or pledge the Key or any other rights thereto.
g. Not to allow anyone who has been admitted to the property by Holder to remain in the property after the Holder has left the property without the consent of the property owners;
h. To return to the property key(s) to the Lockbox when leaving the property;
i. Prior to leaving the property, close and lock any windows or doors opened or unlocked by the Holder or by anyone admitted by the Holder , and follow all additional security procedures as specified by CVR MLS, from time to time.

Section 12.2.9 Fines and Penalties
a. First Offense: $500 fine
b. Second Offense: $1,000 fine and a 30-day suspension of Key and Lockbox System privileges.
c. Third and subsequent Offenses: $2,500 fine and 60-day suspension of Key and Lockbox System Privileges