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Navy Hill is the revitalization of an entire neighborhood where one was lost, creating jobs and opportunities, affordable homes, and new tax revenue for the City. Here’s what the project will do:

Create new tax revenue for schools, public safety, and core City services (streets, utilities, etc).

  • Currently, there is nowhere to live, eat or shop in the neighborhood—meaning the downtown land generates almost no tax revenue to fund City services.

  • Once developed, there will be apartments, restaurants, stores, a hotel and commercial office spaces creating new tax revenue.

Create jobs.

  • This is the largest job creation project in Richmond history—both during construction (12,500 jobs) and once construction is complete (9,300 jobs).

Create affordable housing—the largest private commitment in Richmond’s history.

  • The neighborhood will be inclusive, with room for everyone. It will provide 480 units of affordable housing with the pathway to hundreds more—accessible for teachers, public safety workers and other local residents.

  • This is the largest commitment to affordable housing in recent years.

Create opportunities for minority business and job participation.

  • The project will invest more than $300 million with minority-owned businesses. This is the largest minority business commitment in Richmond’s history.

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