SentriLock Conversion June 10 – 14, 2019

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We apologize for our poor communication about the lockbox conversion.

Please view this video from CVR MLS CEO, Laura Lafayette.

We want to hear from you and value your feedback tremendously.

We are available by email, phone, and in-person Monday-Friday from 8:30AM – 5PM.

Please contact, call 804.422.5000, or stop by 8975 Three Chopt Road if you have any further questions about the conversion to SentriLock.

Today’s technology is evolving at a rapid pace particularly in the area of home security, controls, and access. As part of our agreement with SentriLock, CVR MLS will be leasing the SentriLock boxes and providing them for use at no additional charge over and above your annual fee. As technology advances, CVR MLS is committed to making the technology investment for you, thus future-proofing this business tool. You will no longer have to spend money investing in the hardware. This is cost saving for MLS users. If you have a shortage of lockbox inventory, you may pick up the number of lockboxes you need from a CVR MLS office (RAR or SVAR locations). We understand that agents want to keep lockboxes on hand, and we are dedicated to minimizing your inconvenience. We will provide them based on your needs as to not hinder your business.

Supra Information Below (Service Terminates June 25, 2019)

Supra™ eKEY

The Supra™ eKey allows members to use their mobile devices as their Lockbox key. Members can access lockboxes for showings, view and receive feedback, track showings, program access hours, set CBS codes, and more.

Supra™ Lockbox and ActiveKey

The lockbox system currently available to CVR MLS members from Supra™ is more than just a keybox.  It allows members to track their lockbox-based showings from the website, and also within their listings in the MLS system. This may be the best tool available to track listing activity, while also demonstrating the response of the marketplace to an available listing. The lockbox key updates wirelessly to ensure that it is always available.