Circle of Excellence

As part of the Richmond Association of REALTORS® ongoing efforts to increase professionalism, we strive to offer opportunities to recognize those who exemplify excellence amongst their peers.

The Richmond Association of REALTORS® is proud to announce a new program—Circle of Excellence. The Circle of Excellence will be a cohort of Realtor members who are dedicated to professional growth and community engagement. Realtors will qualify for the Circle of Excellence through measurable means including course completion, leadership roles and activities with local nonprofits.

Realtors can qualify for the Circle of Excellence by demonstrating their commitment to:

& Contribution
Honorees must complete in-classroom education on the CVR MLS Purchase Agreement and the NAR Code of Ethics. Honorees may also be recognized for their completion of other educational opportunities such as designations, certifications, supplemental contract classes and MLS Rules & Regulations training. Honorees who have served RAR as a leader in committees and the Board of Directors will be recognized for their service. Other engagement with RAR, such as contributing to RPAC, also serves as a qualification. Honorees who work in their community serving as a volunteer or nonprofit board member will be able to qualify their service, earning points towards the Circle of Excellence.

Members who apply and qualify for the Circle of Excellence will be able to take advantage of a wide array of benefits. Including a free headshot, promotion on social media, an electronic badge for online display and special events limited to honorees.

Realtors can advance not only their proficiency but their marketability through the Circle of Excellence. Honorees will be able to identify themselves to the public through the Circle of Excellence to promote themselves as a well-rounded real estate professional.

Applicants for the Circle of Excellence are not required to meet a certain criterion regarding sales or leasing production. The Circle of Excellence focuses on members who are committed to their professional growth.

If you are interested in this program and how to meet the qualifications to apply, email