Circle of Excellence

The Richmond Association of REALTORS® (RAR) Circle of Excellence recognizes members of RAR who have demonstrated a commitment to professional development, leadership and community engagement.


Earn 100 points or more with a minimum of 50 points in the Professional Development category
No violations of the NAR Code of Ethics during the calendar year
No VREB violations during the calendar year

Mandatory Course Completion

The following courses must be completed during the calendar year:

  • Deconstructing the CVR MLS Purchase Agreement (3 hours in-classroom or virtual) – 15 points 
  • Constructing an Airtight Contract (3 hours in-classroom or virtual) – 15 points
  • REALTOR® Triennial Ethics – Professionalism in Practice (3 hours in-classroom/virtual or 2.5 hours online at – 10 points 
  • NAR Fairhaven (online) – 10 points

Optional Course Completion

A minimum of one of these courses must be completed during the current calendar year:

  • NAR C2EX – Commitment to Excellence (online) – 10 points
  • Conquering Contract Contingencies (3 hours in-classroom) – 10 points
  • Professional designations received in the current calendar year – 1o points each
    • Professional designations received in previous years – 5 points each
  • Virginia REALTORS® Property Management Certification – 10 points
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) courses from the Residential Real Estate Council – 10 points each
  • Road Rules of CVR MLS On-Demand – 10 points 
  • Fair Housing – 10 points
  • Asking for a Friend: Best Practices for Today’s Real Estate Market – 10 points

RAR Leadership Development Academy Graduate – 10 points

RAR Board of Directors Current Member – 10 points

RAR Board of Directors Member in previous years – 10 points

RAR or CVR MLS Committee Chair or Vice Chair (current or previous) – 10 points

RAR or CVR MLS Committee Member during the calendar year – 5 points

Voluntary $99 Fair Share (or more) contribution to RPAC during the current calendar year – 10 points

Voluntary REAP (Real Estate Assistance Programs) contribution during the calendar year – 10 points

Nonprofit Board Member during the calendar year – 5 points each

Nonprofit Board Chair (current or previous) – 10 points each

A volunteer activity (reported with the date of service & the organization you served) completed during the calendar year – 5 points each

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Members who apply and qualify for the Circle of Excellence will be able to take advantage of a wide array of benefits including a free headshot, promotion on social media and in the RAR lobby, an electronic badge for online display, recognition at the Spring Fling reception and special events limited to honorees.

Realtors can advance not only their proficiency but their marketability through the Circle of Excellence. Honorees will be able to identify themselves to the public through the Circle of Excellence to promote themselves as a well-rounded real estate professional.

Applicants for the Circle of Excellence are not required to meet a certain criterion regarding sales or leasing production. The Circle of Excellence focuses on members who are committed to their professional growth.

Current honorees must earn at least 60 points to requalify but are not required to attend mandatory courses that were completed in their qualifying year. Current honorees must complete any new mandatory coursework in order to requalify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership Development Academy

The Richmond Association of REALTORS® position of respect and influence in Central Virginia is due in large part to the quality and dedication of its volunteer leaders. Recognizing the importance of leadership excellence, RAR launched the Leadership Development Academy in 2009.

The Leadership Development Academy is a six-month program designed to develop visionary, service-oriented REALTOR® members for professional, civic and community leadership roles. The program exposes a diverse group of participants to a variety of topics through seminars, events and experiential learning sessions. Working with professional leadership coaches, participants identify and develop their personal and professional leadership styles and communications skills. The program offers an overview of the significance of community and civic involvement as well as insight into the REALTOR® organization and the role of volunteer leaders.

Applications for the program open each fall.