Heidi is part of the Membership Department. She processes new or rejoining members’ applications, as well as transfers, and new firm applications. Updating the records in the internal database that feed into Matrix® is also a core part of her responsibilities. She can program your Supra® orders on keys or lockboxes and assist you with items in the REALTOR® store. Any questions about membership fees, give her a call!

Heidi holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and watching Turner Classic Movies. Heidi loves to enlighten those around her, sharing random little facts about old movies of no real consequence.


Random facts about Heidi:

  • Her new addiction is SOBE water
  • She loves all things sweet
  • Christmas time is her favorite time of year; so much so, that she begins counting down in August, and on any given day in between then and December 25, she can tell you exactly how many days are left